My Life So Far

After receiving a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Masters of Education, I began my working career as a teacher…until I was seduced by motorcycles. I threw myself into racing and soon realized that I could not devote the time and attention to teaching that the profession demanded.

So I left teaching and opened a motorcycle dealership, thereby starting up a dual career as motorcycle dealer and racer. After achieving some level of professional success as a racer (local track record) and enjoying the fruits of local stardom, I realized my future did not lie in racing (I’m not really built for the sport, being six feet, four inches tall). The motorcycle business then expanded into the fitness business, as treadmills seemed to be more lucrative, if less exciting, than motorcycles, and I went on to build a twenty-seven-store regional chain.

Since stepping away from the business world, I have begun full-time writing. I live with my wife, the love of my life, in Virginia. When not writing, I can be found sailing my A Class catamaran sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay (motorcycles having been replaced by sailboats).

Jason’s Tale was followed up by Uprising and Rescue in the After the Fall series.  Since completing those three post-apocalyptic books, I switched to the thriller genre with Payback, the first in my Dan Stone series. The second title, The Shaman,  was published in June 2018, and the third, The Captive Girl, in December 2018.  It’s all more fun than I ever had in the business world.

Published Works

After the Fall: Jason’s Tale; a post-apocalyptic novel of survival and redemption; published April, 2016.

Uprising; the sequel to Jason’s Tale, which continues the story of survival and struggle to build a normal life in the post-EMP world; published January, 2019

Rescue: Finds Jason off on another adventure in the evolving post-apocalyptic world he inhabits. Published April, 2019

Undercover: The further challenges Jason faces begin to affect him in a deep and disturbing way. Published October, 2019

Payback; the first novel in a new thriller series titled Assassin; published August, 2017

The Shaman; follow up to Payback; published June, 2018

The Captive Girl: Book three in the Assassin series. Dan Stone is in Europe and finds himself embroiled in a complicated set of circumstances which challenge his ability to determine what’s true and what’s not. Published December, 2018

Uprising: the rewrite of the second and third books in the After the Fall series which chronicles the overthrow of the gangster running Hillsboro. Published January, 2019

Rescue: Book three in the After the Fall series. Jason goes to rescue friends captured by another city. Published April, 2019

Undercover: Book four in the After the Fall series. Jason has to infiltrate the mob running another city that threatens Hillsboro. Published October, 2019

The Assassin and the Pianist: Book four in the Assassin series. Dan loses his memory and falls in love with a concert pianist. Meanwhile, deadly forces are trying to locate and eliminate him. Published March, 2020

Death in the Congo: Book five in the Assassin series. Dan is sent to the DRC with Roland and Marcus. They have to navigate a strange world to complete a dangerous mission that gets suddenly more complicated. Published August, 2020

The Scorpion: Book six in the Assassin series. Dan tracks a ruthless killer through the Mid-East. He killed someone close to Dan, so it’s personal this time. Published June, 2022

Rogue Mission: Book seven in the Assassin series. Dan is brought back to the States to try to intercept a deadly terror attack. He is now outside the law and dangerously vulnerable. Published January, 2023

The following online journals have also published excerpts of some of my work: Dead Guns Press, A Thousand and One Stories, and Opening Line Literary ‘Zine.

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