A reader asked whether or not there was a place for older, less mechanically skilled people in prepper groups; or are they on their own. It’s a good question.  I spent some time looking across the internet on prepper sites. Some had contact forms, so I asked that question. The answers I received showed me a couple of things. First, is that preppers are generally nice people; all the replies I received were polite and considerate. Second, I found that this question has no clear answer.  Most replies centered around the idea that everyone has something to contribute, even older people and that character is what is most important in prepper communities.  That latter point makes sense when you think about a small group of people getting together when society is falling apart.

So the answer is really individual in nature; there’s no fixed formula here. I confess that I’m not a prepper, but a post apocalyptic world interests me as an author. Two websites that I think are worth checking out are: and Surviving Prepper has a handy list of prepper links that can quickly steer you to many different sites having to do with prepping. The second one has a bulletin board where you can post (and read posts) about people looking to join or add to a survival group.

It is an interesting world I’ve come to know about through writing Jason’s Tale.  You can read some of my thoughts about in my earlier blog, “Thoughts on Post Apocalyptic Literature. The sequel, Catherine’s Tale is getting closer to publication. It is much more complex a story which I hope will be an enjoyable read.

In the end we each have to choose. If one prepares, one risks having people try to take what you have away. If one doesn’t prepare, one is certainly going to suffer. In the end, the ability to have minimal supplies to support you and your family for even a few days or weeks makes some sense. Such preparation is useful for any kind of emergency, not even of the apocalyptic level. And the ability to defend loved ones is a natural instinct and one you may not want to avoid or suppress.

For a real apocalypse, a basic plan would make sense. For me, living near a very large city, it makes sense to figure out how to get out of town safely. Large cities are going to become dangerous places; I’m convinced of that. Out in the country you have a chance, both to be safe and to find food. Shelter may have to be up to your ingenuity. As Douglas Adams said, “Don’t panic”.

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