I recently signed a contract to produce an audio version of After the Fall: Jason’s Tale.  The narrator is Gabriel Zacchai, a folk singer/writer, teller of stories and book narrator from Maine.  He’s done two other book as far as I know and has an honest sounding, down-home voice that will bring Jason alive.  Check out his website here.

Book narration is not easy.  A standard book will be about 4 to 8 hours of listening and takes many more hours to produce.  Think about reading out loud with no stumbling over syntax or pronunciation.  Then add in getting the proper inflection for the drama of the moment.  Obviously one has to read the story ahead of time and then there are lots of starts and stops along the way.

You can link to the sample from the Home page, or just click here.  The sample is Gabriel reading the Prologue of the story.  It was quite a moment to hear my words come alive with sound.  I wasn’t ready for the rush of emotion that came with the hearing.  All that work, the time writing and the seemingly endless revising and fine tuning, and there it was, the words now alive with sound.  Audio books are very cool.

The full audio book will be out mid-November, just in time for a Christmas present for someone you care for, or leave a big hint about it with someone who cares for you.  I’ll keep you updated on progress.  Enjoy the sample.

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