After much consideration and advice from trusted friends, I’m rewriting the two “Catherine’s Tales” and will be taking the current books off the market. That is a pretty radical move (especially for me) but I’ve never been fully satisfied with the two stories. First, they work better as one book, but the tale grew so large I felt it better to separate it into two stories. Second, although well written, the story moves too slowly in parts. It encompasses a wide swath of characters with interesting subplots along the way making it easy to get sidetracked and slow the story down. It’s a big story, rich in characters and plot, but, the first half at least, needed to move faster. Careful editing has brought the story down from 560 pages to 390.

Also focusing on Catherine as the central figure didn’t seem to work well in the marketplace. The end of the first story, “Jason’s Tale”, does not lead the reader to expect Catherine to take the lead in any follow up story. I think the readers were expecting more of Jason, the driving character of the first book. In the rewrite I’ve brought Jason out more to his rightful place. Catherine still plays a large role, especially in the later parts of the story, where she fits more naturally.

What do I hope to accomplish? Well, Jason’s Tale still sells well after two and a half years so there is an enduring interest in him and the story. This new sequel continues his story more naturally and paves the way for what now will be a third book in the series. I actually started that story a year ago. My hope is that the current interest in the series will be maintained when readers go to the rewritten sequel, resulting in more sales. I’m tentatively titling the new sequel, “Uprising” since the story is really about freeing Hillsboro from the grasp of the gangster, Joe Stansky.

If you haven’t yet read the two “Catherine’s Tales”, you might want to purchase them, either in ebook or paperback format. Who knows, after they disappear they may become collector’s items when I’m dead and famous. If you have read them, I can still honestly recommend the new sequel. You will find it interesting to see how I’ve refocused the story. It flows better. This big story now has a proper focus and pace.

Tell your friends about grabbing Catherine’s Tale Parts 1 & 2 before they disappear and look for the new sequel before the end of the year. You can find them here and here.

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