It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog. I have reworked my website to make it much more current. I’ve also added a new piece of writing to give away to visitors who sign up for my Reader Group. You can find the offer form on the landing page as well as others on the site. Those of you who are already in my Reader Group can go through the process to get the free book. I’ve been assured that you won’t get added to my group and receive multiple emails from me. If that happens, please send me a quick email, and I’ll go into the program and edit out the duplicate entry.

The story is titled “Training Camp.” It chronicles Dan’s experience at Camp Perry near Williamsburg, VA where he goes through training to begin his work with Jane. If you’ve read “Payback”, the story fills in the gap between that book and “The Shaman”. For anyone who hasn’t read “Payback”, I recommend doing so. “Training Camp” will then make more sense.

On another note, I’m closing in on the ending to “Revenger”. It’s been a bit of a struggle with family issues (health) intruding into the routine of writing. That’s life, and we deal with it. You all know how that goes. The book should be finished in about 30 days, and then there will be editing/proofreading work for about six weeks. Look for it to be published this fall. I may post the first chapter for you to sample on Substack. I set up a presence there, but I’m still a bit shaky about how it works. They do allow lengthier writings, unlike Twitter/X. I’ll send out a notice so you can check it out. Twitter/X has a long-form blog section, but I’m still trying to figure out how to access it. So much to keep up with regarding social media. It’s a rapidly changing world we live in.

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