My latest Dan Stone thriller, The Revenger, is out the Friday after Thanksgiving. As promised, I have reduced the price to $1.99 for the ebook on its release. That price will go up after about a week, so get your ebook copy right away and save a couple of bucks for a good cup of coffee to go with your read.

I have received good feedback from my early readers (along with some valuable suggestions to improve the story). I hope you will enjoy Dan’s next adventure. As always, I appreciate you jump-starting the reviews, so please consider writing one, however short, if you enjoyed the story. You don’t need to write a synopsis of the plot, just tell others what you enjoyed. Reviews are very helpful in providing “social proof” to encourage a new reader to take a chance on the novel. Your early reviews become the catalyst for increased sales, and then more reviews, and then more sales, and then…over and over.

For paperback fans, the book version will arrive about a week after the ebook comes out. The text is 99% completely formatted. Paperbacks somehow seem more permanent than ebooks and therefore make great gifts for friends and family. Consider purchasing this latest Dan Stone novel as a gift for someone. Or, if they’re very special, consider purchasing the whole series of eight novels. If you send them to me, I’ll sign each book and send them on to the recipient for you–at no charge for shipping or signing.

I hope you have a wonderfully enjoyable Thanksgiving and are able to spend it with loved ones–family or friends.

Again, thank you for your support. It means so much to me. Your reading enjoyment is why I write.

Be well and stay safe.

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