Well, our move is finally completed. Now we’ll be unpacking boxes for the next six months and asking “Where is the _____?” You fill in the blank. It’s been a bit of an hellacious experience softened by family and friends. I won’t belabor you with tales of medical insurance issues exacerbated by a true medical emergency, but we’re persevering through it all.

I’m convinced that moving is only for the young. You have more energy and less stuff. When you’re older you struggle with the inverse and it’s not fun. The new (to us) house came with a 1200 square foot workshop. The previous owner was a cabinet maker. It’s way more than I can use. I could make a boat, motorcycle, or a car in the space. For now, the plan is an art studio for my wife, a workout area, simple workshop and parking for my A Class catamaran to keep it cozy over the winter. We’ll see later if there is anything else I can do with this wealth of space.

Speaking of spaces, my writing area is pretty well set up with a few details to finish and I am going to finally be sitting down to get back to work on Dan Stone’s current adventure. I left him in Bulgaria, chasing someone he thinks may be the Scorpion. I think he’s going to have to go deeper into the mid-east to great peril; not sure if Marcus and Roland will be there to help.

When one stops for so long part of the way through a manuscript, one must spend time re-entering the world that was left months ago. I’m in that process now. Slowly re-reading what I’ve written and beginning to imagine scenes going forward while lying in bed at night (a very productive time for my imagination). There’ll be lots of rust to scrap off which means a lot of re-writing and false starts, but that is how one gets back into one’s skill set after leaving it for an extended time. It’s a bit daunting, but I’m looking forward to getting back into my writing groove. My writing space is very nice with a second-floor balcony which it’s getting a bit late in the season to enjoy. I’m looking forward to spring and morning coffee on it.

Thank you all for your patience while my wife and I went through this change of life. As I said above, moving gets harder when one is older—less energy and more stuff.

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