Ebook published: I kept my deadline and published the ebook version of The Shaman on June 29.  Everyone who has done a critical read says it’s a good story; I guess I’m getting better at this craft. You can find it here.

Lot’s of help: You don’t put out a novel without a support team. Not only your family, but others who help you refine your rough nugget into a polished gem. I had a number of friends do critical “alpha” and “beta” reads and they helped me to greatly improve the story.

Cancer interlude: I’m getting along in  my recovery from cancer treatments. Some issues will take a year to a year and a half to go away, so I have to be patient. As I said earlier, “you don’t fight cancer without paying a price”.

Next book: I’ve started outlining my next Dan Stone adventure. This one will take place in Europe. It’s exciting to get back into the creative mode. After the initial draft of a story is completed, I turn into the editor-in-chief and spend hours critiquing the novel or reviewing other’s critical comments. That’s a different skill set, which, thankfully, I also enjoy. I can see the story getting more refined and polished as I go through it. But in the end, the best work is the writing. Stay tuned!

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    • bob bryant

    • 6 years ago

    looking forward to reading Shaman when it comes out in paperback
    payback was really good and im looking forward to seeing Dan’s
    skill set grow in each new adventure

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