Diane Donovan of Donovan’s Literary Services has completed her review of RESCUE. She is also part of Midwest Book Review. “Readers looking for a dystopian seat-of-your-pants read that is nearly impossible to put down will find Rescue just the ticket.” You can read her complete review here. I’m happy for the positive review. She’s reviewed all three “After the Fall” books and liked them.

The audio version of UPRISING is now available here. It’s a big story and makes for a big audio book, 13.5 hours. That’s enough for a week of commuting or a long summer road trip. I have some codes to get the audio book for free if anyone is interested. Reply to this blog and I’ll send one to you. The codes are made available by Audible to help authors get some reviews of the audio book, so we appreciate you writing a short review after listening to the story.

I’m working on the fourth in the series this summer. Stay tuned.

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