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This is my first blog on my new website which I’ve finally gotten around to redesigning. The old one had become outdated and only partially functional–I couldn”t even post a blog. After exploring a couple of low-cost solutions, I bit the bullet, so to speak, and hired a professional designer. He runs a company called Marketania. I found some images more in tune with writing thriller material, and Mustafa put the rest together. You’re seeing the new look now.

Free Book

I’m working on a free book to give away to new readers in exchange for their email addresses so I can connect via my occasional blog posts. When it’s completed, the offer will appear on my website, and whoever responds will get the book via email in pdf format. The working title is “Training Camp”. I don’t want to give the story away because it is a bit of a spoiler for anyone who hasn’t yet read “Payback

The most I can say is the story will chronicle Dan’s experience at Camp David, the CIA training center near Williamsburg, Virginia. He comes to the instruction with more real-world experience involving violent people than his fellow recruits, making for some unusual episodes during his training.

Audio Books

 “Scorpion” is finally finished. It took a long time, but the finished product is excellent. As I mentioned before, if you or anyone you know wants a code to get the audiobook free, let me know. I can get a limited number of codes from Audible to give away. It helps in generating short reviews for the book. Please note that I had some trouble with my return emails recently, so if you requested a code and didn’t receive one, just send your request again. Thanks!

   The narrator I chose for my latest book, “Rogue Mission”, has bowed out. He can’t get the alternate voices down. The cast includes a Chinese spymaster, Rashid (always somewhere creating trouble), multiple mid-eastern terrorists, and a Hungarian. My books always have a wide variety of characters from all over the world. Some narrators just don’t have the versatility for such stories.

   So my search goes on while I continue with Dan’s latest adventure titled “The Revenger”. More about that as the novel progresses.

   Stay well, and enjoy your summer!

Correction: Dan goes to Camp Perry, not Camp David. That would be very awkward, doing assassination training at Camp David. Sorry about the mental slip.


    • Mort hirshman

    • 1 year ago

    Like new site. Once free book out I will forward it to my friends

    • william h kopp

    • 1 year ago

    love your books, looking forward to “the Revenger” and “training Camp”.

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