I received a notice from Amazon that my ebook, “The Assassin and the Pianist” was selected to be put on sale for the month of March. Amazon has marked it down to half price at $1.99. The often talked about algorithms have decided that one of my Dan Stone thrillers is worth a prod on their part. This is quite an honor as Amazon does not waste their time and promotional efforts on books that don’t have “legs”. They will promote the book throughout the month, which some of you might see. I’m sure most of you have received emails from Amazon showing you some titles they think you’ll enjoy. Some are on sale, some are not. That is where my book will be shown. Click the button below to go to “The Assasin and the Pianist.”

So, as I work through my next book, it’s nice to receive this recognition that Amazon sees my books as being noteworthy enough to support. If you already have read this story (one of my favorites in the series), please pass this info on to family and friends. As you know, each book stands alone as a complete story. I write them that way so a reader can enjoy any book they discover. Of course, I hope they’ll be entertained enough to go back to “Payback” and read through the entire series.

Stay well, and know that Spring is coming soon!

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