Whitney Webb. Remember that name. She is a young investigative journalist, wife, and mother of two young children. She has written a two-volume book with the hefty title: “One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Organized Crime That Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein.” Many will probably consider her a conspiracy theorist. However, that appellation has lost much of its power since previous conspiracy “theories” have proven to be true, i.e., the Steele document, Trump’s salacious interactions with hookers in Moscow, Hunter Biden’s laptop being a Russian hoax which includes the letter signed by 51 former intelligence officials, the 2020 elections were the most open and fair in our entire history, among others.

As an author, it’s a bit hard to recommend the two-volume set as it is hard going at times. Whitney almost bludgeons the reader with names, dates, and connections that show the collusion between those in power and various intelligence agencies to manage the public discourse that we “regular” citizens get access to. She chronicles this development from the OSS in WWII to the present day. I am tempted to write to her and ask her to create a Cliff Notes version, which one could follow more easily, and use her original volumes as the backup references (which also contain thorough referencing to her sources).

As one works through the two books, a picture emerges of a group, a cabal if you will, of elites who are inter-connected and even interrelated (married) to one another, much like the aristocracy/royalty of old Europe. These people represent the elite of our government, media, and business. They are the rich and powerful (often one and the same) whom Thomas Sowell labeled “the anointed.”

If this has been going on since WWII, why, you may ask, is it of concern? Life’s been pretty good in those 70-plus years. True enough, but we may now be seeing the problems arising from the system that does not bode well for the average citizen. Statistics show that the middle class is shrinking. Over the last 50 years, the number of people in the middle class has shrunk by 11%, from 61% to 50%. At the same time, their aggregate share of income has shrunk from 62% down to 42% (Bureau of Labor statistics).

This shrinkage is a dangerous trend for the stability of the country. All through the fifties and sixties, leftists and outright communists struggled to create a worker’s revolt here in the US. It didn’t happen. While workers were happy to join labor unions to leverage for higher wages and more benefits, they were not willing to overthrow the institutions that supported the industries in which they labored. That was because the economic class structure in the US was fluid. A middle-class person saw the reality of the potential for upward mobility, if not for them, at least for their kids. The middle class was our country’s large, stable center that would not support any tearing down of the institutions that helped them attain a better life for themselves, their families, and their children. That stable center is now shrinking, and, along with it, faith in upward mobility. If we lose that faith, we lose the country’s stability.

Now, this cabal of elites that Webb describes encompasses more than just the political/business/intelligence community. It includes the hi-tech industries, media, entertainment, and, sadly, the education spheres. The elites, the anointed, may not be the majority, but they hold all the levers of power. They are in control.

Whitney Webb has exposed this dramatically, even if in a rather dense manner. Her exposé shows the extent of the corruption, but the more significant issue is the control of our country this phenomenon demonstrates and the future that it engenders. When one considers the World Economic Forum (WEF) and other ultra-national organizations, one can readily see that these groups are composed of members of the elites. They are working to write the rules for world order for the next 50 to 100 years. Their vision for the world seems to be a ruling class of elites who, because of their immense wealth, intellect, power, and influence, will be in control and dictate to the rest of the world how to live. Of course, as we can already see, the rules will only apply to us, not them. Since they are in charge, they must have special privileges in order to govern us well.

What you have here, if this were to come to pass, is a feudal society. The middle class will disappear and be merged with the lower class. They will do the work necessary to keep things going and be governed by the new aristocracy, the elite, or anointed. In their vision, we will be docile because we will be dependent on the governing powers who will have the ability to “cancel” us if we get out of line. One can see the beginnings of this in China’s social scoring system, a certain level which is necessary to maintain for one to travel and do business. We also see it here in the West with the de-platforming of unwanted voices from social media and, in Canada, the canceling of one’s banking privileges if one expresses the wrong opinion.

Whitney is one voice amongst (thankfully) many. Victor Davis Hanson has expressed these sentiments along with Thomas Sowell. These two men are giants among Western intellectuals. And there is a growing backlash here in the US and now in Europe as regular people begin to realize that, as I call it, the emperor has no clothes. We must call it out. Drunk on their growing power, the left’s rabble, the “useful idiots” as Lenin called them, may have moved too fast and woken up the average citizen. I’m sure the elites would rather us not awake to what is going on until it’s too late; until they have consolidated power to the point where there the price to pay for standing up and speaking the truth will be too high.

Encouragingly, we are seeing the beginnings of greater numbers speaking the truth. It is this trend that keeps me hopeful. I also hope that all of you will begin doing the same. To borrow an old phrase from the 60’s protesters, speak truth to power. The elites are not in the majority. They do not have complete control…yet.

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