I’m closing in on 50% complete for my next Dan Stone thriller. I started with the working title, “The China Connection”. As the story got going, though, a young girl, Emilie is her name, inserted herself into the manuscript. The working title is now “The Orphan Girl”.

I know, quite a shift, but I think (hope) it will all make sense when I’m done. Speaking of being done, I’m shooting for early March completion, then editing and publishing by mid-April. I’m getting 2k plus words a day done, so it’s doable.

Sales of “Revenger” are going fantastically well. The popularity of the new book has shoved my first Dan Stone novel, “Payback”, into the ranks of the “big boys”, making the top 100 (sometimes the top 50 listings in its categories…for the whole month of January. That tells me readers are finding me and going to the first book to start reading the series. They are all stand-alone books but work best when written in order.

Check out all my works here.

I’ll keep you updated while I’m hard at work. Stay warm, stay safe, and love your family and friends, even if they don’t always agree with you.

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