Musings on writing PA and thriller fiction

Since I write in both genres, I thought I’d share my observations with you. There are differences. After multiple books in both categories, I’ve realized it’s a harder to write PA fiction than thrillers. With post-apocalyptic fiction, if you’re writing a series, you have to bring the time line forward. When you do, you have […]

Update and new honor given:

How the writing goes: Some books flow easily from brain to (not paper, but) Word file; some do not. “The Assassin and the Pianist” (working title for now) is one of the latter. My goal, adopted from Stephen King, is to write 3,000 words per day. I don’t often hit the mark, but anything over […]

Writing update

As of this date, Undercover is out in both ebook and paperback and doing well. I’ve started the fourth Dan Stone novel, tentatively titled The Assassin and the Pianist. Without giving too much away (no spoiler alert), the story finds Dan and a concert pianist becoming romantically entangled. I’m attempting two things: one, I want […]

Rescue published

I’ve been out of touch for a few months. I apologize for not writing sooner. I finished Rescue, the 3rd story in the After the Fall series, and, after weeks of polishing and proofing, finally got it to market. I have it intro-priced at only $.99. The book is already bumping into the Top 100 […]

New Title Coming Out

Uprising out: I’ve just pushed the “Publish” button on Amazon for Uprising. This is a re-write of the two Catherine’s Tales. While well written, those two books never did as well as Jason’s Tale which reached #1 in both Post Apocalyptic and Dystopian categories on Amazon. The re-write is tighter, faster paced, and sharper focused while […]

2018 Reflections

It’s been quite a year. I can say without reservation that our 2018 Christmas was much less stressful than 2017. Last year I was in the final stages of my cancer treatment which consisted of daily radiation and weekly chemo infusions. Thankfully that is all behind me now. As I said once before, you don’t […]

Genre Switching (not Gender Switching)

Genre switching; That’s not gender switching, but something more literary than physical. It’s what I’m going to attempt. Since I started writing I’ve had a desire to write in the “thriller” genre. As fate would have it, my first novel was inspired by a post apocalyptic story, so I began there. Post apocalypse (PA) stories have […]

Audio Book Completed

It’s out! The audio version of “After the Fall: Jason’s Tale” is available on audible.com. Follow this link to connect. By Monday or Tuesday you’ll also be able to purchase it from Amazon and iTunes. The narration took longer than I expected to complete, but what did I know? I started the project last summer. […]

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