Uprising out: I’ve just pushed the “Publish” button on Amazon for Uprising. This is a re-write of the two Catherine’s Tales. While well written, those two books never did as well as Jason’s Tale which reached #1 in both Post Apocalyptic and Dystopian categories on Amazon. The re-write is tighter, faster paced, and sharper focused while keeping the rich cast of characters found in the two books it replaces. I’m much happier for readers to go from Jason’s Tale to Uprising as the continuing story.

Intro pricing: The eBook and paperback should come out by January 27 at the latest. I’m pricing the eBook at only $.99 for an introductory period, so you can check it out for less than a buck. At the same time, I will be un-publishing the two Catherine’s Tale novels.

New audio book: In addition, the audio book of The Captive Girl is now out. You can find it on and on the Amazon book page. If you like audio books it is a 10 hour, 25 minute engrossing story of action, intrigue with some romance thrown in. Dan Stone does what he does with sometimes suspect support from his CIA handlers. This story stretches his skills set which isn’t very conducive to dealing with a drug addled teenage girl.

Get The Captive Girl eBook for only $.99! Only until January 26. After that I’m raising the price back to it’s regular $4.99. Act now while it’s less than a dollar.

Coming this spring: I’m working on the third book in the After the Fall series, titled Rescue. It continues the story of Jason, Clayton, Billy and Rodney along with the other characters in Hillsboro. Look for it by April.

Back to writing…

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