After the Fall: Jason’s Tale: One man’s struggle for his family’s survival in a post apocalyptic world

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Best Selling Debut Novel that quickly rose to #1 in Dystopian and Post Apocalyptic genres after its release; two months in Top 100 BestSellers!

In a world without power, Jason must fight for survival as he heads to the wilds of the Appalachian Mountains.

An electromagnetic pulse attack on the United States shuts down all power, communications and transportation. With no food deliveries, no vehicles working, society begins to unravel.

Starvation and death begin to reign and panic leads to violence. Marauding gangs roam the countryside, stealing, killing or worse and cities begin to wall themselves off from the danger outside.

As society breaks down, Jason heads to the Appalachian Mountains to avoid the growing anarchy, hoping to wait out the chaos. The gangs threaten but loneliness becomes his biggest enemy as the solitude envelopes him.

In a secluded mountain valley he finds a woman, Anne, and her two daughters struggling to survive. They are near starvation when Jason shows up.

Violence soon follows him. Survival will mean fighting…and killing. The power hasn’t returned, the country is still shattered and Jason and Anne must struggle for a new life in a dangerous world.

If you like “One Second After” and other survival/post-apocalyptic stories, you will enjoy this personal story of trying to survive and thrive after an EMP attack.


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‎ David E. Nees; 1st edition (March 31, 2016)

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‎ March 31, 2016

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8 reviews for After the Fall: Jason’s Tale: One man’s struggle for his family’s survival in a post apocalyptic world

  1. claudette valliere

    The mountains, one very capable guy who finds love and life.Just a super read and I’m waiting for book 2. Spoiler Alert.This one starts with a tramp steamer headed for America. This steamer isn’t the only one headed for America’s shores. It carries a missile. Both steamers are carrying missiles. These missiles will create an EMP that will bring America to its knees. Those on the steamers will die, but jihadists always want to die, head for paradise and those seventy two virgins. Of course this belief is nonsense but jihadists have to believe something when they die for Allah.In the Spring Jason is on a ridge overlooking the interstate. He has to cross here to head in to the Appalachian mountains. He’s loaded with his backpack, a travois he constructed to carry more supplies. For weapons Jason carries a Ruger .223 Mini 14 tactical carbine and his 9mm semi automatic pistol which is holstered on his hip.Jason was the owner of a gym in Hillsboro, NC when the EMP hit late in the Summer. He knew exactly what had happened when he saw all the cars stopped all over the road. Lights, phones and computers didn’t work. Jason had read about the effect an EMP would have when it hit but he never believed he would ever experience one. Right now he herds everyone out of the gym advising them to leave their cars and head home. He further advises them to stock up on food, water and essentials. He knows the stores only carry a three day supply of food on the shelves and very soon people will be starving. Jason locks up and heads home.Jason’s wife Maggie was on a flight headed home from NY City. Jason knows she didn’t survive as planes just fell out of the sky when the EMP hit. Jason’s Mother lives in Florida and a retirement community and his brother lives in California. He hasn’t seen his Father since he was eight years old when his Dad up and left. He hopes his Mother and Brother are okay because there is nothing he can do for them.Once home Jason cries over his wife but he knows she’s gone. He also inventories what he has in the house. Gas for cooking but he knows that won’t last forever. He also has a well which provides plenty of fresh water. Jason is a bit of a prepper and has a six month supply of food in the house at all times he also has the know how to forage and hunt in the woods and fields surrounding his home. He’s far from helpless and is a vet of the Iraq war. He spent time in the sandbox and is a very capable and savvy guy when it comes to defending himself, his home and supplies.Jason also has ammunition for his Ruger and his 9mm. He also has two shotguns. A 20 gauge and a 12 gauge. If the need arises he’s more than capable of defending himself, his supplies and his home.The Ruger though, was his pride and joy. It was modified with a longer, heavier, match barrel, which was bedded in and a re-worked trigger. The result was a very accurate rifle that was light, compact, and rugged. It was equipped with a low power , bush scope which worked well in the woods.Jason knows the elderly, the infirm and those with medical conditions will be the first to go in this new world. He also knows there will be those out there who will kill you for what you have.Jason does his best to help his neighbors but after six weeks his elderly neighbor dies. She had diabetes and the insulin just wasn’t there. Jim and Cathy two more neighbors decide to head for Town. Hillsboro is taking in refugees but those refugees will have to give up their freedom. They will be told where to live, where to work and food, not much food, will be provided. Guns, ammo and anything of value will be taken from you. Those running the city are the masters and those in the city are the slaves. This is something Jason won’t tolerate and he’s had a few run ins with the city militia and the police department. He knows living in the city is not going to work for him. This is when he decides to head for the Appalachia Mountains. He has his Ruger, his 9mm and his hunting bow. Jason decides the mountains is where he will head and its a journey that will take him on one wild adventure.So begins one damned fine read.This one has Jason, his travois on which he can haul his ammo and supplies, his guns, a Jason who makes it into the mountains after killing three men who would have killed him, a badly hurt Jason who stops at a farm owned by Sam and his wife Judy, a Jason who stays to recover and help. a Jason who heads out when Sam and Judy make it clear they don’t want him to stay, a Sam and who is killed by raiders, a Judy who is taken, a Judy who is raped by many, a Jason who rescues her only to have her die from her mistreatment, a Jason who takes revenge, a Jason who heads deeper into the mountains, a Jason who comes upon a farm in a beautiful valley, a Jason who knows the woman and two girls who are her daughters are starving, a Jason who hunts and leaves food for them on the front porch, four men who decide the farm house has supplies, a Jason who kills three of the men, the fourth who escapes, Anne and her daughters Sarah and Catherine aren’t trusting of Jason at first but Jason proves how trustworthy he is, an Anne and Jason who grow close, a man named Big Jacks who’s a murderer and a raider, his crew of seventy, an ambush Jason sets up when he gets the others in the valley to share the danger, a successful ambush, the Army that finally shows up, the Army that wants all those in the valley to relocate to Hillsboro, a Jason who tells the Army that the valley can produce the much needed food those in Hillsboro need, the Lt in charge who sees Jason’s point of view, his Sergeant who agrees, a Catherine who finds the Lt. very good looking, a Catherine and Sarah who are good shots and participated in the ambush, a Jason and Anne who become lovers, a pregnant Anne, and Anne who gives birth to a son and Jason doing his best to defend the valley, keep everyone safe and stay alive.Damned fine read. Five Stars.

  2. X-Wonderbug

    Topnotch writingI’ve read about 700 post apocalyptic books over the years, most of them on Kindle, and rated at least half of them until I didn’t have the time to rate anymore, only for special authors.Author Nees is one of those special authors. I read all four of the After the Fall series of four books, and this rating will cover all four books. All were consistently top notch and worthy of reading by P-A fans, being well constructed and detailed. A few mechanical errors, but nothing to worry about.All of the books had special messages, or themes included in the narratives, along with the action, which, for the most part, was realistic, and not just winging it, as many authors attempt. This was what impressed me. Being formerly a military tanker, I felt at home with the tactics and equipment described, except that author mistakenly described the tank’s tracks as “threads,” which immediately identified him as a civilian not familiar with tanks, tho he did get his other terminology reasonably correct.The end of the 4th book and the monastery abbot attempting to counsel Jason on his morality, I felt was a bit off the mark, as my lifelong closest friend was a Trappist monk, now passed away. Personally, I feel that not fighting evil is to add and support it.

  3. Lycopene

    Great read!! Very unique for this genreIf you’re a fan of books of this genre, I found that this one does not disappoint. In fact, this is probably the best, most surprising book of this genre I have read in a long time!! The characters are very human and not every character is an operator who already possesses tactical skills, an arsenal and training when it hits the fan. Also, the characters are not all super moral, religious individuals who don’t all have their human flaws. There is a surprising amount of sexual tension in this book, which I found helped to make the characters more realistic and relatable. I wouldn’t call some of the scenes between a few of the main characters graphic, but it was a little shocking to find such detail in a dystopian survival book. I found those details kind of welcome!! It is one of the reasons that this book stood out from others I have read recently. I also like how the author mentions some specific models of firearms and other equipment – I find this to be helpful for readers who are reading not just for entertainment, but because they want to learn and maybe start buying a few things themselves. A little more detail (model, caliber, why the character chose that model/caliber weapon, etc.) in future books would be welcome. Overall, this was a GREAT READ. Very enjoyable and entertaining – sounds cliché, but I truly did not want to put this book down each night! Found myself thinking about reading it that evening while I was at work during the day. This book was definitely a surprise as I did not expect it to be as engaging of a read as it was! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in the topic of survival!

  4. Tim

    Nice readInteresting story well told. I enjoyed the book.

  5. Major Mike

    Gritty, realistic yarn in a (these days) crowded genreI’ve read quite a few post-apocalyptic novels in recent years — most of which are based either on an electromagnetic-pulse attack on the USA, or some kind of viral contagion (which often leaves behind a portion of the human race that’s still medically normal, while many others are zombies or something along that line). “After the Fall” is in the former category, but interestingly starts months after the EMP attack (although the “triggering event” is explained in the preliminary mini-chapter that reveals Atlantic- and Pacific-seacoast attacks by medium-range nuclear-tipped missiles launched from nondescript cargo vessels operated by Iranian Muslim fanatics), when main character Jason has decided to hike into the Appalachian Mountains of the Eastern US to try to survive on his own in the countryside, rather than continuing to live in his original city, when heavy-handed government forces (federal and lower-level) have decided that the best reaction is to turn the survivors into disarmed, assigned-labor-duties dependent drones (think: “FEMA camps”).Nees does a good job of describing both the living-off-the-land demands of Jason’s trek, as well as weaponry details and the fear and stench of subsequent combat against roving gangs of murdering/pillaging/raping thugs. I particularly like how Jason consistently has a priority of gathering and storing weapons and ammo from the bad guys after they’ve been taken out…something not all authors in this genre seem to think important. And, yes (to the dismay of some of the more morally uptight reviewers, at least in the States), he has incorporated a bit of sex into the tale…although not overmuch or overly explicit in my opinion—just enough to realistically deal with an aspect of societal breakdown that I think would certainly be part of the new, post-apocalyptic reality.Bottom line: this is an above-average effort, and I look forward to his sequel (and hopefully more than just one).

  6. Amazon Customer

    Great read!!Loved the story and characters,hopefully,the story continues.No editing problems as i see in many other booksJob well done and i highly recommend this book

  7. rua

    Hopefully not the future.Good read. Nice piece of escapism.

  8. denis troesch

    A good casual readA good action packed read with a authentic detail to keep it believable.

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