Rescue: Book 3 in the After the Fall series

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After freeing Hillsboro, Jason thought life could settle down for him and his family. Then Knoxville captured two of Hillsboro’s citizens and demanded a ransom. Unfortunately for Knoxville they were Jason’s friends.
He sets out to rescue Rodney and Billy from the clutches of the Chairman, the strong man of Knoxville. He can get to them, but how do they get out? Jason has to go to extreme measures to insure their escape. The result is a conflict with the other town which leads to a deadly threat that Jason must find a way to stop.
In this exciting follow up to “Uprising”, Jason and Kevin Cameron must come up with a creative plan to stop a superior force from destroying Hillsboro and all they have accomplished.


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8 reviews for Rescue: Book 3 in the After the Fall series

  1. Kindle Customer

    Read and get hookedThe author weaves a story with engaging characters , great technicals and plots that keep you turning page after page. Looking forward to more from this author.

  2. Marine Corp I

    Best of the series.I read the first three books in David Nee’s After The Falls series this month. The third book is, in my opinion, the best book of the series thus far, although I would recommend readers who haven’t read the series to read the first then second book before he/she reads the third. The third book and its characters will make much more sense to the reader who has read the first two books in the series. Nee’s writing ability appears to have improved significantly since the first two books. Those books were ok, but this book is head and shoulders above the first two in terms of writing skill, detail, and readability. In this book, it is obvious that Nees, and/or those working with him, have military experience.I’ve read over 90 books, including a least a half dozen 3-6 book series, in this genre in the last three years. I would put this series in the top 10% in just about every category.

  3. Joyce Omohundro

    love this seriesI’m very particular about books /authors I favor. Need us very good: plot, characters and their development, and plot. I hate to put it down.I especially appreciate the progression of society from initial survival, slow recognition by many of what the world has become and where threats come from: raiders, city states, remnants of federal government.Hats off to Mr. Nees

  4. Dominic La Barbera

    True to the titleA story about want a be a dictator. All the fallacies of living under a dictatorship. I thought the author brought forth the how to deal with this form of government and defeat it. It’s about common sense in the fight to be free. Freedom has a high price to pay. The only thing I didn’t like was that it ended before finding out what is going to happen to this small town trying to do the right thing for people to be free. I think it will be taken up in the next book. Am looking forward to reading the next one. Thanks for all the entertainment. See you at the next story.

  5. Stefan Markovich Bandera

    Rescue 5 stars is not enough.Action, message , story, says David Nees has outdone himself. Nees put into a work of fiction the message that our country was founded by men who put their lives on the line so that we would not live under dictatorship or under self absorbed liars and scu m t ur ds masquerading as loving our freedoms. Will we continue to reject the phony leaders in the future and reject the lie that we can have freedom without sacrifice? Nees integrated in a novel that freedom “ain’t free” not cheap and that freedom in not guaranteed with a slogan on a hat but is paid for with men and women who stand up to bullies, kings, criminals and dictators. Waiting for next book by Nees. I very very very highly recommend this series ..

  6. SDay

    Very Good EMP SeriesIf you like reading EMP stories, I think you will like this series. The storyline moves along. There is a lot of action. The characters are interesting. I especially love the clans men in the story and how their unique knowledge and skills are valued . This series has many strong women included throughout the storyline.

  7. Kindle Customer

    Great reads.A fantastic series. I have read a lot of this genre and this series is one of the best. No crazy incredible violence, sensible story and grammatically correct. All in all a good credible story. Look forward to no.,3 in the series.

  8. David S

    Great readA really good read especially into the insights of how different people will react to what has happened in different ways. With some not being able to see the threats around them.

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