Death in the Congo: Book 5 in the Dan Stone series (Assassin Series)

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A new assignment. In Africa. To stop the Chinese incursions into the continent. The only problem is he might trigger World War III.
This high-stakes thriller set in the wild world of the DRC pits Dan Stone against a complex array of forces, all vying for power and influence.
The Democratic Republic of the Congo, DRC, holds some of the largest coltan deposits in the world. It is the source of two rare earth metals, niobium and tantalum, vital to modern economies. The Chinese are trying to corner the market and hold the western world hostage.
Dan Stone has experienced many dangerous missions. A trained assassin for the CIA in one of its most covert sections, he now faces a new challenge. He has to navigate a strange country in a strange continent where he stands out among the people. His assignment is to take down a Chinese general and get out alive…without getting caught.



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7 reviews for Death in the Congo: Book 5 in the Dan Stone series (Assassin Series)

  1. Quentin Ryan

    A Fun Ride to the CongoFast paced and enjoyable. A mix of mystical and bullets. Well written at an exhilarating speed. Enjoy the ride it’s a rollercoaster!

  2. Thomas McC

    Intrigue and Suspense Throughout!“Death in the Congo” holds the reader in its grasp with the intrigue and suspense throughout its pages. This book was well researched in the corruption and ruthlessness often associated within Third World countries. The author introduces you to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, DRC, and its importance in the modern world for its vital rare metals of niobium, tantalum and coltan which are essential for our computers, super alloysamong other usages. Dan Stone, a CIA assassin, along with 2 Delta Force comrades are faced with dealing with the Chinese and warlords hellbent in securing the profits from these precious metals for themselves depriving the Congolese people of these riches. The characters and their conflicts are well developed like all of our previous author’s works. As you read “Death in the Congo” you realize that although this is a fictional account, in reality, the Chinese military is actually bidding for influence into Africa’s enormous resources to corner the world market for its rare earth metals placing the Western World at a precarious situation. The life in the Congo is well explored with its poverty, superstitions and complete with corruption. Dan Stone and his connection with Watchers makes you wonder if they actually exist in our Modern World. This book is a must read if you wanna keep abreast in world politics and enjoy a great read.

  3. Joyce Omohundro

    another triumphA fast moving adventure. The spiritual element mixed with the modern technical world creates a fascinating and unique backdrop for the novel. The setting in the Congo provides the author with the opportunity to enrich readers with the history, fauna and flora of the setting. He goes a great job of educating readers. One fault that I haven’t mentioned in my other reviews is that Nees doesn’t appear to have a proofreader. I get the feeling that his books are transcribed using dictation software snd that no one has reviewed them before release. They are peppered with incorrect homonyms, omitted words, etc.

  4. tctommy

    Hard to put down,bewitching in a wayIts also hard to write a review without giving anything waiting for you on the next page. Trust me the next page is worth waiting for. As is the next book, witch😎😁 is where I am headed.

  5. Border Corsair

    I read all five Dan Stone novels in sequenceNow I’m going to read everything else I can find that David Nees wrote. I like this guy, and I like the way he adds new twists to the genre. Stone’s rescue from the Chihuahuan Desert by an ancient shaman in book two gives a welcome twist to the series that carries on through the remaining novels. I hope that Nees will continue to knock out Dan Stone novels, because I will continue to buy and read them. This is very satisfying stuff with great action and characters to care about, including his Delta cohorts Marcus and Roland. Great work, Mr. Nees. Keep it up.

  6. V. John Palicka

    Congo madness but a page turnerOk, it’s the interior of Africa and there is the expected corruption, bugs, but also the scheming Chinese. Chinese are big infrastructure players in AFRICA.. and of course, they are not Mr. Nice guy. You know bullets will fly, yet there is the mysticism again. And there is romance, and rescues. And those long shots by Dan…Ok, this becomes a page turner even with stereotype Africa. How? Skill of author Nee’s pen. Still, the story is about giving the African nation a possible solution to overcome the evils without the expected white man solution. That is a good story line, but may be a struggle to believe by some. Still, it’s well played out. Now what? Will we see book 6 with Dan the Man?Hope so. The story line got a bit broader with Marcus and Roland.

  7. BMC

    Entertaining readI really enjoyed these books.If you’re a fan of action adventure then this series of 4 Dan Stone stories is most definitely worth a read.

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