The Shaman: Book Two in the Dan Stone Assassin Series

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Dan is dropped into the Chihuahuan desert to assassinate the head of the Sinaloa cartel. When his extraction is botched, his mission suddenly becomes more complex and dangerous. He flees into the desert where he gets lost and death threatens. There he meets a shaman who shows him the spiritual dimension to life and how Dan is part of a larger story going on, a battle between good and evil, light and darkness. The shaman takes Dan on a spirit journey and Dan’s world suddenly gets more complicated than he ever imagined.
The Indian mystic sends Dan on an additional mission which challenges his sanity and may cost him his life. Along the way he tries to save the beautiful wife and children of the drug lord he had assassinated. Dan has to complete the tasks given him by the shaman without help from his CIA handlers and then try to make it out of the country on his own.
If you’re a fan of Jack Reacher or Mitch Rapp, you’ll enjoy Dan Stone’s adventures in this action packed thriller.


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9 reviews for The Shaman: Book Two in the Dan Stone Assassin Series

  1. Amazon Customer

    good readExcellent series in the Mitch Rapp genre. Good character development with fast paced storyline. An enjoyable read. I’m looking forward to reading more of this series

  2. RD_Prime

    Enticing mixThis is a marvelous story that adds an unexpected supernatural element. It helps that I agree with this world view. Good and evil on a vast plain doing battle amidst the clueless humans.

  3. Border Corsair

    Vince Flynn meets Carlos CastanedaFinally a twist to the sad formula of revenge killing by a spec ops veteran after someone kills his family. This could have been too formulaic to succeed, but Nees pulled it off in the first book, Payback. At least well enough for me to buy book two in the series, Shaman. I’m glad I did. For those of us old enough to have read the wonderful Carlos Castaneda series about the Sonoran Desert Yaqui shaman Don Juan, this will be a welcome addition to the genre. Protagonist Dan Stone, a two tour Iraqi War veteran as an Army sniper, is rescued after his vendetta against the mob in Brooklyn by a fledgling CIA Special Action Directorate group and trained as their first assassin. His first mission is against a Sinaloa Cartel boss in his Chihuahua Desert retreat in Mexico. He pulls off the hit, but his exfil goes sideways, and he collapses lost in the desert where he is rescued by an ancient shaman who teaches him to use spiritual vision to succeed in his war against evil forces. It’s not science fiction, but it is a welcome twist to an overused action formula. Thanks to author David Nees for giving us something new and exciting to read. To critics of this series I would say they should remember that fiction is fiction and be grateful when someone injects real imagination and novelty to the genre. The entire first five book series is available together on Kindle, and you’ll save some money by buying it because you’re going to want to read it, as I am going. I absolutely love this series.

  4. Quentin Ryan

    great story, mixing black ops with mysticism!David Nees writes in straightforward style that makes for fast interesting reading. In The Shaman he mixes standard black ops with Carlos Castaneda.

  5. TrisKit

    Compelling Fiction With a Mystic TwistI usually stick to sci-fi/fantasy/occult fiction, and I found the Dan Stone series via Nees’s apocalyptic fiction writings. While I might cringe a bit about the popular appropriation of the word “shaman,” it’s a word that is, nonetheless, evocative. This book was an absolutely great read, filled with subterfuge and cunning. Much death happens in this book via Stone, a trained assassin, directed toward the drug cartels and Islamic terrorists. Nees’s shaman is a “Watcher,” one who can see, via spirit flight assisted by peyote, the intersections of Fate where change can be effected. The shaman finds the assassin nearly dead in the desert; the shaman saves Stone’s life and then sets him on the path of impeccability. Characters committed to selfish and violent gain die; those with questionable ethics are given a chance at redemption. Sometimes, the innocent die as collateral damage; in this tale, you always understand how evil is never just after you alone—it manipulates you by also threatening the people you hold dear. As an animist and student of the hidden things myself, I found the role the shaman played in this tale to be believable and interesting. This read was made even more pleasurable for me by the evidence of careful editing as well as capable proofreading of the final text. I had to put it down so I could sleep and couldn’t wait to get back to the story. Well done, Mr. Nees!

  6. poetmaker

    MagnificoA great action packed feel good novel. A stay up late pages on fire read. Loveable and terrible characters you will love and hate.

  7. jose

    Angel of Death!!!Pretty good follow up novel. Great story about the evolution of a New type of hero !!! Can’t wait to read the next book!!!

  8. TLP

    Reading Dan Stone series so far so good.Thia is the second of the Dan Stone series I’ve bought, and I enjoyed the first.This book started with page 13, at first, I thought it might be some gimmick but it wasn’t so i guess a publishing error.

  9. Fraser

    A Good Read, Full of SurprisesInteresting throughout with twist, turns, some unexpected spiritual elements and plenty of action.A couple of inconsistencies, but generally a riveting read.Thank you David Nees

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