The Assassin and the Pianist: Book 4 in the Dan Stone series (Assassin Series)

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He was injured, afraid, running for his life. The winter wind would kill him if he didn’t find shelter. Then he stumbled upon her, the pianist.
She saved his life and with that act, unknowingly entered a dangerous world. With his memory gone, his mind damaged, could Dan ever recover his past? And if he did, what would that do to this new relationship in which he found himself?
He wants to lead a different life, but dangerous men still hunt him. Dan tries to free himself from his past and become a new man, one who doesn’t live in the world of violence and death.

Two worlds collide in this latest thriller. Dan is in a race to learn who he is before his past catches up with him and the ones he loves.


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9 reviews for The Assassin and the Pianist: Book 4 in the Dan Stone series (Assassin Series)

  1. Mags911

    Best one yet!Who would think Author David Nees could bring a primary character into the story with such research of her and see its major contribution and importance to believability. Even my wife would enjoy this! What comes next?

  2. RD_Prime

    Beautiful MusicDan Stone is rescued by the beautiful music. But the Evil powers pursue him relentlessly. This could easily be an Arthurian story, set in the 11th century.

  3. magic bullet user

    What a great series.Book one thru four takes you into the lonely world of an American sniper and that there are spiritual forces to help man kind. Book 5, continues with his life that will never be normal. Love this series.

  4. Carl

    Outstanding series!David Nees is at the top of my list of authors! His writings of books one through four in the Dan Stone series held me tied to the plot line through its entire length… without any let down. Without exception, lead character Dan Stone equals the baddest of the Intelligence Super Hero Ghosts including the three Jacks, Ryan, Nobel, and Reacher! I don’t want to give away anything that might lessen your enjoyment of this book. My only regret is that there is no Book 5 to go onward. But as mister Nees masterfully drew all the loose threads to a conclusion in The Assassin and the Pianist, he left the door slightly ajar for a future follow up for further Dan Stone episodes with Jane, his CIA handler and the rest of the supporting characters. Perhaps that is only my wishful thinking but It gives me something to hope for from this outstanding writer.Addendum: My wish for book 5 in the Dan Stone series apparently flew outward on supersonic wings and has already been granted with the latest addition, Death In The Congo. I have no idea what direction this newest addition will go but I’m looking forward to a an exciting ride with Dan Stone book #5. Thank you David Nees!

  5. Mike Whittles Sr.

    Good readStarts slow, but picks up. A lot of music info that was hard to follow, but the book is still worth reading.

  6. Henry Handwerk

    great readI have read each book in the series I love them all! I will attempt to get the next book in the series as soon as I can thank you David Nees

  7. V. John Palicka

    Beauty and the beastMysteries of one losing memories are always in enticing. Was one nice or a beast? Dan meets a beautiful concert pianist, Christiana who saves him from assassins while he is trying to regain memory of who he was. She is at a career transition: great technique but lack of emotion. Dan takes care of that and ignites her libido with steamy romance novel scenes. Ok, but this is an action book, and soon bullets fly. All kind of bad guys trying to hurt civilization with a virus. Dan soon finds he has techniques AND emotion as body counts pile up. This was a great story as one would not expect the art angle. As a pianist myself, I wish she played some crowd pleasers such as, Rachmaninov prelude in G Minor or Chopin Fantasie. Playing more Chopin would help Christiana’s conversion. It didn’t hurt Rubinstein. So what happens to the lovers? That is worth the price of admission… great job.

  8. Kindle Customer

    Excellent Page-TurnerThis series stands out in a genre chock-full of violent thrillers. It is about an American, yet not too Yank to appeal to a wider audience. Much of the series is based in Europe and elsewhere, so it isn’t the typical parochial US-based thriller. It is well-written and very engaging, by an author who is clearly well-traveled.

  9. Fraser

    Surprising Twists and TurnsI thought the series was starting to loose some intensity,but boy was I wrong. A dam find read with lots of excitement!

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