My next book

I’ve been thinking about Africa for some time. Not many thriller writers place their stories on that continent. After publishing “The Assassin and the Pianist”, I decided to write a story about Dan Stone in Africa. The trigger for me was a news article talking about how we are pulling advisors and trainers out of […]

Thoughts While Sheltering at Home

Being an author, my daily routine has not changed much with this virus outbreak. Writing is a solitary profession and so I can keep “going to work” each day and books keep selling. I’m one of the lucky ones and I realize that. It’s only when I do go out or turn on the news, […]

Music featured in “The Assassin and the Pianist”

In my upcoming novel, “The Assassin and the Pianist”, I delve into the world of a concert pianist. I attempt to show the commitment and dedication necessary to perform at a world-class level. It is a world of pursuit of perfection with attention to details and nuances in the music that “regular” people cannot see. […]

Meet Christina Aubergh

Christina Aubergh is the pianist in my upcoming novel. Here is how I describe her in the book. She was young, 25 years of age. She had been playing the piano since she was four years old. At sixteen she had won the Amadeus Competition in Lazise, Italy. When eighteen, she had finished runner up […]

Update and new honor given:

How the writing goes: Some books flow easily from brain to (not paper, but) Word file; some do not. “The Assassin and the Pianist” (working title for now) is one of the latter. My goal, adopted from Stephen King, is to write 3,000 words per day. I don’t often hit the mark, but anything over […]

Writing update

As of this date, Undercover is out in both ebook and paperback and doing well. I’ve started the fourth Dan Stone novel, tentatively titled The Assassin and the Pianist. Without giving too much away (no spoiler alert), the story finds Dan and a concert pianist becoming romantically entangled. I’m attempting two things: one, I want […]

Quantum Mechanics and Writing

I’ve been watching a series on quantum mechanics recently (it’s a form of avoidance). My writing has been going a bit slow lately, interrupted by a serious cold that left me flattened for about five days. In watching the series, one of the more interesting things I discovered, among the many bizarre things about the […]

Writing news

Diane Donovan of Donovan’s Literary Services has completed her review of RESCUE. She is also part of Midwest Book Review. “Readers looking for a dystopian seat-of-your-pants read that is nearly impossible to put down will find Rescue just the ticket.” You can read her complete review here. I’m happy for the positive review. She’s reviewed […]

The Blank Sheet of Paper

With my “After the Fall” series doing well, it’s time for me to settle down and write a fourth book in the series. The shift from polishing and marketing back to creative writing is harder than going the other way. When a novel is finished, one has a large sense of accomplishment. After all, it […]

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