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Special Kindle Sale!

Kindle decided they like my book, “Scorpion,” enough to promote it. They are going to reduce the price on June 8. “Scorpion” will be available for only $1.99 USD. For you Canadian readers, it will also be only $1.99 Canadian! That’s quite a savings for my northern readers. I’m not sure how long the sale […]

Writing update

As of this date, Undercover is out in both ebook and paperback and doing well. I’ve started the fourth Dan Stone novel, tentatively titled The Assassin and the Pianist. Without giving too much away (no spoiler alert), the story finds Dan and a concert pianist becoming romantically entangled. I’m attempting two things: one, I want […]

Rescue published

I’ve been out of touch for a few months. I apologize for not writing sooner. I finished Rescue, the 3rd story in the After the Fall series, and, after weeks of polishing and proofing, finally got it to market. I have it intro-priced at only $.99. The book is already bumping into the Top 100 […]

Catherine’s Tale Rewritten

After much consideration and advice from trusted friends, I’m rewriting the two “Catherine’s Tales” and will be taking the current books off the market. That is a pretty radical move (especially for me) but I’ve never been fully satisfied with the two stories. First, they work better as one book, but the tale grew so […]

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