I write stories about action and adventure, heroes and villains,

love found and love lost.

Payback, my new thriller novel is now out! You can order it here

 This is the first of a new series in the "thriller" genre. Both the eBook and paperback are out; working on the audio book--coming soon.

From a reader:  "Loved that book! Your best so far in my opinion. Could not put Payback down...haven't read a book that gripping ever." 

The audio of Payback is now out. Youu can purchase on Amazon, Audible or iBooks. Listen to the audio sample for Payback here.

The audio versions are now available for After the Fall: Jason's Tale, Catherine's Tale Part 1 and 2You can purchase them on Amazon, Audible or iBooks.  

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An electromagnetic pulse attack on the United States shuts down all power, communications and transportation. Society begins to unravel. Violence, starvation and death reign. Marauding gangs roam the countryside, stealing, killing or worse and cities retreat into themselves,walling themselves off from the danger outside.

As society breaks down, Jason heads to the Appalachian Mountains to avoid the growing anarchy, hoping to wait out the chaos. The gangs threaten but loneliness becomes his biggest enemy as the solitude envelopes him. In a secluded mountain valley he finds a woman,Anne, and her two daughters struggling to survive. They are near starvation when Jason shows. 

Violence soon follows him. Survival will mean fighting...and killing. The power hasn't returned. The country is still shattered and Jason and Anne must struggle for a new life in a dangerous world.

Click here to listen to an audio sample.