After the Fall: Jason’s Tale: One man’s struggle for his family’s survival in a post apocalyptic world

Best Selling Debut Novel that quickly rose to #1 in Dystopian and Post Apocalyptic genres after its release; two months in Top 100 BestSellers!

In a world without power, Jason must fight for survival as he heads to the wilds of the Appalachian Mountains.

An electromagnetic pulse attack on the United States shuts down all power, communications and transportation. With no food deliveries, no vehicles working, society begins to unravel.

Starvation and death begin to reign and panic leads to violence. Marauding gangs roam the countryside, stealing, killing or worse and cities begin to wall themselves off from the danger outside.

As society breaks down, Jason heads to the Appalachian Mountains to avoid the growing anarchy, hoping to wait out the chaos. The gangs threaten but loneliness becomes his biggest enemy as the solitude envelopes him.

In a secluded mountain valley he finds a woman, Anne, and her two daughters struggling to survive. They are near starvation when Jason shows up.

Violence soon follows him. Survival will mean fighting…and killing. The power hasn’t returned, the country is still shattered and Jason and Anne must struggle for a new life in a dangerous world.

If you like “One Second After” and other survival/post-apocalyptic stories, you will enjoy this personal story of trying to survive and thrive after an EMP attack.

Death in the Congo: Book 5 in the Dan Stone series (Assassin Series)

A new assignment. In Africa. To stop the Chinese incursions into the continent. The only problem is he might trigger World War III.
This high-stakes thriller set in the wild world of the DRC pits Dan Stone against a complex array of forces, all vying for power and influence.
The Democratic Republic of the Congo, DRC, holds some of the largest coltan deposits in the world. It is the source of two rare earth metals, niobium and tantalum, vital to modern economies. The Chinese are trying to corner the market and hold the western world hostage.
Dan Stone has experienced many dangerous missions. A trained assassin for the CIA in one of its most covert sections, he now faces a new challenge. He has to navigate a strange country in a strange continent where he stands out among the people. His assignment is to take down a Chinese general and get out alive…without getting caught.

Escape: Part 1 of The Coup in the After the Fall series

The saga continues. Jason is taken prisoner and his world is turned into chaos. But those in power don’t realize that they are dealing with a man used to chaos. A man who knows how to use chaos to his advantage. With his focus on family first, community second, Jason now expands his concerns to the federal level as he finds himself embroiled in national political intrigue.

Payback: A sniper seeking revenge terrorizes the mob (Assassin Series Book 1)

He unleashes a series of devastating attacks on the mob designed to destroy their operations before exacting his final revenge. Using his skills as an experienced army sniper, Dan methodically sets out to assassinate those responsible and take down the Brooklyn crime family involved in killing his wife. However his reign of terror and killing leads to a dead end. There seems to be no way out after his mission of revenge is completed. His activities attract attention of an unusual group and they offer an exit path. As events draw to their exciting conclusion and Dan’s options close down around him, will the devil’s bargain he’s offered prove a way out?

In Dan Stone we have a new thriller hero. A blue collar kind of guy who’d rather not play the role he’s now called to play no matter how good he is at it.

Rescue: Book 3 in the After the Fall series

After freeing Hillsboro, Jason thought life could settle down for him and his family. Then Knoxville captured two of Hillsboro’s citizens and demanded a ransom. Unfortunately for Knoxville they were Jason’s friends.
He sets out to rescue Rodney and Billy from the clutches of the Chairman, the strong man of Knoxville. He can get to them, but how do they get out? Jason has to go to extreme measures to insure their escape. The result is a conflict with the other town which leads to a deadly threat that Jason must find a way to stop.
In this exciting follow up to “Uprising”, Jason and Kevin Cameron must come up with a creative plan to stop a superior force from destroying Hillsboro and all they have accomplished.

Revenger: Book 8 in the Dan Stone Series (Assassin Series)

He’s deadly, illusive, and aimed against the West

A new enemy emerges that Dan Stone has to confront.

The bombings occur almost simultaneously. They cause much death and destruction. International agreements are threatened, and Dan and his team must find those responsible and bring them to rough justice. But there is a new terrorist leader who senses Dan has an advantage and seeks to neutralize it. Dan’s pursuit leads him to engage the help of an unlikely ally and takes him across some of the most dangerous parts of the Middle East in pursuit of the Revenger.

The Assassin and the Pianist: Book 4 in the Dan Stone series (Assassin Series)

He was injured, afraid, running for his life. The winter wind would kill him if he didn’t find shelter. Then he stumbled upon her, the pianist.
She saved his life and with that act, unknowingly entered a dangerous world. With his memory gone, his mind damaged, could Dan ever recover his past? And if he did, what would that do to this new relationship in which he found himself?
He wants to lead a different life, but dangerous men still hunt him. Dan tries to free himself from his past and become a new man, one who doesn’t live in the world of violence and death.

Two worlds collide in this latest thriller. Dan is in a race to learn who he is before his past catches up with him and the ones he loves.

The Captive Girl: Book 3 in the Dan Stone Series (Assassin Series)

Against the wishes of his handlers, Dan takes on the task of rescuing a runaway girl and killing her captor. Dan’s decision leads him on a dangerous chase through Croatia, Slovenia and Austria with a drug addled girl and two killers on his tail. He’s following a dark and deadly labyrinth of deceit, treachery and depravity that ends with a deadly terrorist attack that Dan must try to stop.

The Orhan Girl: Book 9 in the Dan Stone Series (Assassin Series)

A family attacked in Mexico City. All killed except for a young girl. She happens to be a friend and favorite of Dan Stone. It’s personal, and now he’s out to make the perpetrators pay. Along the way, Dan unearths multiple conspiracies. Taking the bull by the horns, he does what he does best: bring the fight to the enemy up close and personal.

Book nine in the Dan Stone Assassin series offers interweaving sub-plots and non-stop action as Dan wreaks havoc on those who dared to attack the ones he loves. The action runs from Mexico to D.C. as Dan pursues his enemies. Like Mitch Rapp on the loose.

The Scorpion: Book 6 in the Dan Stone Series (Assassin Series)

He is ruthless, deadly, and evil.

He inflicts pain and death upon those he encounters. Now he’s killed someone close to Dan and those he loves. It’s become more than a mission for Dan; it’s personal now. The assassin may want to lure Dan into his trap to kill him, but Dan has other ideas.
He must track this killer to his lair in a desperate attempt to eliminate him before anyone else dies. Dan’s quest takes him through Europe into the dark and remote parts of the Middle-East, far from any support from his handlers.
In the harsh deserts and mountains, far from any help, Dan must confront his enemy. With no quarter asked or given, it’s a kill or be killed struggle.

The Shaman: Book Two in the Dan Stone Assassin Series

Dan is dropped into the Chihuahuan desert to assassinate the head of the Sinaloa cartel. When his extraction is botched, his mission suddenly becomes more complex and dangerous. He flees into the desert where he gets lost and death threatens. There he meets a shaman who shows him the spiritual dimension to life and how Dan is part of a larger story going on, a battle between good and evil, light and darkness. The shaman takes Dan on a spirit journey and Dan’s world suddenly gets more complicated than he ever imagined.
The Indian mystic sends Dan on an additional mission which challenges his sanity and may cost him his life. Along the way he tries to save the beautiful wife and children of the drug lord he had assassinated. Dan has to complete the tasks given him by the shaman without help from his CIA handlers and then try to make it out of the country on his own.
If you’re a fan of Jack Reacher or Mitch Rapp, you’ll enjoy Dan Stone’s adventures in this action packed thriller.

Undercover: Book 4 in the After the Fall series

Not only is Hillsboro threatened but Jason’s family as well. Now it’s personal. In the fourth book of the action-packed “After the Fall” series Jason faces a deadly threat, to his family and to Hillsboro. He must deal with the enemy without any support or help in his high-risk mission.
This suspenseful follow-up to “Rescue”, finds Jason Richards off on another dangerous adventure. Only this time he’s on his own. No one else can do what he has to do, so he must put himself in mortal danger and enter the enemy’s world on his own.
He goes undercover on his mission, not knowing how it might affect him. What he has to do could corrupt his soul, but his family’s lives depend on him being victorious. Each day increases the risks for Jason. He tries to maintain his personal code of honor in the face of pressure to be something he is not, a man without a moral anchor in a chaotic world. Sometimes it seems only the ruthless survive and advance but Jason must prove them wrong.
The risks keep growing as he embeds himself deeper with the enemy. Can he maintain his role or will he be uncovered and have to take overt action? He can unleash chaos if it’s called for, but can he control what he sets in motion? Jason thinks he’s the man for the job, but price to pay may be too high.

Uprising: Book 2 in the After the Fall Series

All Jason wanted to do was live in peace with his new family. Unfortunately events wouldn’t allow him that luxury.
After the EMP attack Jason had gone off to the mountains, discovered a woman and her two daughters who needed help, and got himself adopted into the family. They had fought off marauding gangs to secure their safety, but a new threat now loomed on the horizon.
Hillsboro, the nearest city, is run by a tough criminal who has the town under his brutal control. He can’t allow Jason to be a rallying figure for those who oppose his rule. Jason and the farmers who stand with him represent an attractive, freer alternative to his dictatorial authority.
In this sequel to the #1 Best Seller, “After the Fall: Jason’s Tale”, the story continues with Jason and his family reluctantly drawn into the struggle to free Hillsboro from the clutches of the gangster. Will he find the help he needs to combat a larger, more organized enemy?
If you enjoyed “Jason’s Tale”, you’ll want to read this rich narrative of the continuing efforts to restructure society after an EMP attack cripples the U.S.

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